martedì 13 aprile 2010

"Italian Sofa": the most comfortable way to learn Italian!

A new way of learning Italian, based on experiencing language and its uses directly in the context. We will meet in a comfortable, cosy living room and we practice Italian through conversation, reading magazines or newspapers, sharing memories and commenting photos...and much more! The sofa is just the beginning. We are going to cook, go for a walk, look after pets, visit exhibitions, go shopping together. Each of these experiences will offer you the opportunity to learn, remember and test your linguistic skills. The aim? To live Italian, to learn Italian. See more about programme & methodology.

A window on Italian culture. "Italian Sofa" offers you the opportunity to get to know the real Italian life: habits, beliefs and points of views. Meetings are held in the living room of a real Tuscan house, tutors are Italian native speakers and so are the people you will meet during the excursions. Stop being a tourist! Leave guides and maps behind. Travelling means meeting and seeing with your own eyes. Write to Italian Sofa:
An informal place to play, meet & learn. "Italian Sofa" is only one of the activities organised by Unfreeze. We propose creative opportunities and events unfreeze our minds and live happier! Painting, sewing, eco-design and other many more activities to express yourself, make friends and ... improve your Italian. We encourage Italian Sofa participants to take part into other activities together with Italian speaking members. A tutor will support you during the activity. Come and learn by doing with Unfreeze! Check out the activities in the box on your right and click on the corresponding tag.
A school? No, it's home. It's an unconventional, familiar context where you learn and test your Italian without any worry about linguistic performance. Freedom, relaxation and fun are the most important aspects of learning a language! See more about the idea.
A hotel, but... Even though "Italian Sofa" does not offer accomodation, we are linked to a network of small B&Bs around Lucca. If you are looking for a place to stay while learning Italian or taking part in other activities, please contact our members. We will be pleased to help you. Write to mailto:e-mail.
A tourist trap. It's an original Tuscan house, where a real family eats, sleeps, lives and where Unfreeze organises Italian language experiences, called "Italian Sofa", in addition to many more activities. Come in, you are very welcome! You will experience Italian hospitality as well as learning the language. Join us
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